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A Life Lived on a Therm-a-Rest Pad

My mom and dad are mountain people, to the core. In fact, they met in the mountains (before either had ever slept on a Therm-a-Rest pad), on a trail in Washington state’s Olympic National Park. My dad was an Illinois…

dog with pack


10 Tips for Camping and Hiking with a Dog

Camping and hiking with a dog can be a wonderful experience. Done well, sharing outdoor experiences with your canine companion benefits their well-being and deepens your bond. Still, it can feel overwhelming at first figuring out what to bring, where…

xlite sleeping pad


What is R-Value?

Choosing the type of sleeping pad you want, you’ll want to factor in how warm a pad is. You can do this by comparing a pad’s R-value.

slowing down in the mountains


The Art of Slowing Down

Bigger. Better. Faster. We get lost in the in this track of progression, not only in our daily lives, but even during our adventures. Sometimes, it’s important to slow down, to stop and smell the literal roses.