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winter camping with friends


5 Winter Camping Myths

Winter can be the perfect season to seek solitude along some of your favorite, more crowded trails or peaks. Together, let’s dig into some winter camping myths that are keeping you and your buds from sleeping on the snow.

Astrology Gear Guide Marquee


The Astrology Guide to Therm-a-Rest Gear

The Winter Solstice is upon us, and that means that the shortest day of the year has already occurred; there’s nowhere else to go but up! To celebrate we put together this astrology guide to Therm-a-Rest gear to help you…

winter sleeping pads


Winter Sleeping Pad: How to Choose

As summer becomes fall and fall becomes winter, a new set of challenges arrives with winter camping. Packing lists get heavier and longer as you gather the right gear for staying safe and warm. Winter sleeping bags, warmer jackets, four-season…


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