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5 Reasons to Ditch Your Puffy

Sometimes you have to look in the mirror (or dusty van window) and ask the tough questions. This is especially important for the truths that are casually accepted with little to no resistance. For instance, why do we mindlessly start…



The Results of Resting Better

Sometimes, the idea of roughing it in the great outdoors primes our minds to think ‘uncomfortable’ and ‘rough’. Some even impart an air of austere purity to suffering while out in the backcountry. But should this be the case? Should…



Sleep System Basics for Building Warmth

I was in the Smoky Mountains the first time the cold kept me awake all night. My 28-degree sleeping bag did everything it could to keep the heat trapped around my body amidst the sub-freezing temperatures, but it wasn’t enough….

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You Can’t Always be High and Dry

There’s not much that can ruin a trip to the mountains, but rain and water sure can dampen the mood. Within minutes, a heavy rain can leave you shivering with wet soaks and aching feet. Morale can drop quickly and…


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