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A pile of old Therm-A-Rest sleeping pads.


How To Repair Your Sleeping Pad

Gear belongs on the trail, not in a landfill. To help you reuse your gear over and over again we’ve created this guide to repairing your sleeping pad at home, in the field or through our expert repair shop.

Two people laying in Therm-A-Rest sleeping bags and pads sharing a meal.


How to Choose a Sleeping Pad

With all the options in today’s market, picking a sleeping pad can be an overwhelming affair. We won’t pick for you, but here is what you need to know to find the pad of your dreams.

Packing the mats

Advocacy Gear

Made in Ireland

The Therm-a-Rest philosophy is simple: we make what we sell. This gives us complete control of our products, from conception to production, and allows us to create the highest quality gear possible. Since we started making sleeping pads in our…

Three people in Therm-A-Rest Honcho Ponchos


Honcho Poncho Series Spotlight

The term ‘revolutionary’ gets tossed around in the outdoor industry like an under-inflated beachball in a room full of toddlers–rampantly, but without much weight behind it. To meet that lofty definition, a product typically changes how we enjoy the outdoors…

Selection of Therm-A-Rest blankets


A Guide to Therm-a-Rest Camping Blankets

Comfort-focused campers are always looking for ways to upgrade their kits. Sometimes that means upgrading a tent, adding a deluxe chair or a better sleeping pad. However, in our IQYHO (incredibly qualified, yet humble opinion), bringing on the unbeatable comfort…


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