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How to Build Your Car Camping Sleep System

Whether you’re seeking the relaxation of nature or setting up a hub for a few days of hiking and mountain biking in the mountains, your car camping sleep system ensures that you are enjoying comfier and better nights under the…

sleeping outside under the stars


The Emotional Benefits of Sleeping Outside

There are many emotional benefits of sleeping outside. Whether you’ve experienced a traumatic event, grapple with urban suppression, or you want to feel rejuvenated — going camping can do a world of good. Nature’s simplicity combined with any form of physical movement is a powerful recipe for soul-deep restoration.

Camping with Down Sleeping Bag


Questar™ – The Best Down Sleeping Bag?

What makes the Questar the best down sleeping bag in its class? Frankly put, its combination of technical performance and remarkable comfort means you will be pulling it out of the gear stash nearly every time you head out. More…

long distance hike with dog


Considering a long-distance hike with your dog?

My guide-dog, Tennille and I have trekked more than 6,000 miles together and have completed five thru-hikes throughout the United States. We’ve found that long-distance hiking is a very enjoyable experience if done correctly. But before you head out, there…