fall sleep system

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How to Build a Fall Sleep System

A proper fall sleep system gives you the ability to capitalize on the exquisite shoulder season of autumn—no bugs, no crowds, no sweltering heat. Depending on where you are though, shoulder seasons can be hard to plan for. They are…

fall camping in the rain


7 Tips for Fall Camping

That crisp autumn air in your nostrils, the soft crunch of fallen leaves, the golden glow of an early sunset, less people, fewer bugs…camping in the fall is the best. Whether embarking on a late-season backpacking trip or shuttling the…

Thermarest 1984 sleeping pad

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Memories from a 1984 Sleeping Pad

When we buy gear that is guaranteed for longevity, it’s not only allowing our adventure fund to continue to grow, but it’s healthier for the environment as well. It’s gear we can count on for longevity and strength, designed for gnarly adventures.



How to Stay Fresh and Clean in the Backcountry

Though only 5 p.m., the forest was dark and snow fell heavily. The eight of us (three wilderness therapy guides, plus five participants) huddled around a fire beneath a tarp staked down with snowshoes—our wet and cold bodies packed onto…