As campers, we are always looking for ways to make camp as comfortable and livable as possible. Sometimes that means upgrading your tent, adding a good chair, or a better sleeping pad; there is a myriad of ways to do it. Yet one simple, and ever-reliable, way to make you more at-home wherever you are is to have a solid camping blanket.

argo camping blanket

The humble blanket is found in beds, on couches, at the park for a picnic or under the snoozing dogs. Historically, there are few things that evoke comfort and essential warmth more than a blanket. Which is why we believe they are essential parts of a camper’s kit.

So here is a guide to our line of camp blankets. They are thoughtfully designed and made with premium materials to bring the technical performance that your outdoor adventures demand.

Therm-a-Rest Camping Blankets


Model Materials Insulation Type Weight Best Use
Honcho Poncho™honcho poncho blue Shell: 50D Polyester Ripstop Waterproof Breathable
Lining: 50D Polyester
eraLoft™ Synthetic 1 lbs 8 oz Car camping, everyday adventuring, sleep system layering, making your friends jealous.
Stellar™ Blanketstellar blanket Shell: 30D Polyester w/ DWR
Lining: 30D Polyester
eraLoft™ Synthetic 1 lbs 6 oz Car camping, backpacking, sleep system layering, everyday adventuring.
Argo™ BlanketArgo Blanket Shell: 30D Polyester w/ DWR
Lining: 30D Polyester
eraLoft™ Synthetic 1 lbs 10 oz Duo’s, car camping, everyday adventuring, sleep system layering
Ramble™ Down Blanketramble down blanket Shell: 50D Polyester w/ DWR
Lining: 50D Polyester
650-fill Nikwax Hydrophobic Down™ 2 lbs 14 oz Duo’s, car camping, comfort-minded campers.

camping poncho in backcountry


Meant to be worn as a poncho, or spread out as a blanket, the Honcho Poncho provides a high degree of on-the-go utility. Whether it is a wearable changing curtain or a dog blanket, people are always finding exciting ways to use this unicorn of a “blanket.”

When the weather sours at your camp the breathable DWR treated shell and eraLoft synthetic insulation form a wind and water-resistant barrier that keeps you warm even when wet. If you prefer to hunker down in your tent to wait out the weather, simply spread the Honcho out into blanket mode and wait in comfort.

The Honcho Poncho packs down into its own kangaroo pocket, making it conveniently portable. Which is good, because that means you’ll always have your new favorite piece of gear in your favorite places.

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stellar camping blanket


To understand the sheer value of the Stellar blanket, its best to think about all the times a simple old blanket has come in handy. Something to sit on, for a picnic spread, for warmth as the sun goes down, we could go on… What if that blanket was insulated, water resistant and fast drying? Meet the Stellar.

With advanced fabrics, eraLoft synthetic insulation, and the ability to integrate into a Therm-a-Rest sleep system, the Stellar is much more than the old blanket in your car. Packable enough for the backcountry, the Stellar allows great sleep system flexibility with its ability to easily integrate into your sleep system with its snap loop feature.

For example, you could bring a light and super compact warm weather quilt deeper into the shoulder seasons by layering the Stellar on top. It’s soft-to-the-touch polyester lining boosts your comfort under the stars. Meanwhile, the DWR treated shell makes for a valuable piece of insulation and weather protection during the day.

It is exactly this kind of simple, multi-use profile that defines our camping blanket line, and the Stellar embodies it perfectly. Trust the Stellar to bring next level comfort and technical performance at camp or around town.

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Argo camping blanket


One of the best things about a blanket is wrapping yourself, your partner or friend under it for some communal comfort. The Argo packs small for easy transport and unfolds into broad two person-blanket. Perfect for a two-person sleep system, we wanted to maximize its versatility so we added snap loops that allow a single user to adapt it to a personal sleep system.

The advanced fabrics of the Argo camping blanket ensure that its next level comfort is matched by its technical performance. With eraLoft synthetic insulation and a DWR treated shell, the Argo maintains its performance in wet conditions. Whether you need extra insulation under the stars or a measure of comfort around camp, the Argo provides go-anywhere performance for two.

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ramble down camping blanket


There is no replacing your favorite at-home comforter, but the Ramble comes quite close. We pursued luxury with this remarkable two-person camping blanket. Queen sized, with premium fabrics and a quilted design bring the joy of sleeping in your own bed to your camp. Add the plush fill of Nikwax Hydrophobic Down, and two sleepers will find themselves enveloped in a warm, spacious camping blanket.

While luxury was on our mind with the Ramble, it bears the technical performance pedigree for which Therm-a-Rest is known. Nikwax Hydrophobic Down maintains its loft far better when wet than untreated down. Combined with the durable 50D polyester fabric, the Ramble Down Blanket performs in a wide range of conditions. The robust luxury of the Ramble distinguishes amongst today’s camping blanket, but it’s the technical performance and legendary Therm-a-Rest build quality that make it peerless.

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ramble down camping blanket

Final Thoughts

We talk a lot about making camp more comfortable. At Therm-a-Rest we are excited to make products that make your nights under the stars better and better. But we recommend not losing sight of the simple nature of camping as you hunt for your next piece of useful gear.

securing blanket to sleeping pad

Your kit should be made up of gear that works for you each time you bring it along. Keep it simple and aim for gear that you trust; gear that you know and love. And that’s exactly what a blanket it is: simple and time-tested. Therm-a-Rest is all about timeless, utility driven gear, and that is the heritage that we wove into our line of camping blankets.