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Built in Ireland

When our company was founded in Seattle, USA back in 1972, the founders were adamant about crafting the highest quality gear possible. To them, quality had multiple dimensions. It was about the using best materials to craft high-performance gear that lasts, yes, but it was also about being a company in which customers could trust and believe. To accomplish this vision of quality it was imperative, from the beginning, that Therm-a-Rest products were made in market.

When Cascade Designs Inc. opened its European headquarters in Midleton, Ireland in 1985, the founders made sure that its core values reflected those of the North American operation. Settled in the heart of the close-knit Midleton community, the factory manufactures nearly all of the Therm-a-Rest pad assortment for the European market, and employees over 100 staff.

Alongside the core manufacturing capabilities, the Midleton operations also house Dealer Services, Finance, Supply Chain, Sales and Marketing functions, as well as the dedicated European warranty and repair team. From here, we closely control each step of the product lifecycle—from inception to repair—and meet the high demand for our products across Europe. Our products are built, tested, packed then shipped to our centralised European warehouse, where they are sent across the continent to our retail customers.

This nimble setup makes it possible to efficiently distribute to 20+ countries from within the European market, and allows us flex to the seasonal trends of the outdoor industry. Moreover, we are able to reduce emissions associated with cross-ocean shipping of finished product and reduce shipping time in the process. When delivering a finished Therm-a-Rest product to a retail customer, we are also delivering the transparency of local manufacturing and the assurance that the products they are buying are made with integrity. When a consumer buys a Therm-a-Rest product, they absolutely know where it was made, and the dedication to quality behind it, every single time.

Few other manufacturers can offer the level of manufacturing transparency and assurance that we do. Building a trusting relationship with our customers is paramount, and we believe that they feel that difference when using our products in the field.

Made in market is far more than a marketing tagline. It’s something that each of our employees take pride in as they go about their work every day. From the production team, to the engineers, to the office staff and beyond, the employees of Cascade Designs Ltd. are driven by our collective commitment to continuing the Therm-a-Rest legacy of top-quality gear that makes a difference in the lives of our customers.