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Our proprietary reflective coating radiates heat back to your body and prevents heat loss, saving you energy for tomorrow's adventure.

NeoAir™ Mattresses

In this patent-pending application, we vary the location and number of ThermaCapture layers within each NeoAir mattress to meet specific warmth targets. Combined with Triangular Core Matrix construction, a single ThermaCapture layer can boost warmth by up to 50% and creates the unmatched warmth-to-weight ratios offered by a NeoAir mattress.

RidgeRest® and Z Lite Mattresses

Here we use a simple reflective surface coating of ThermaCapture to amplify the effectiveness of the heat-trapping peaks and valleys of each of these mattresses. The result is a boost in warmth by up to 15% and even greater surface durability.

Sleeping Bags

Applied to the backside of the inner lining material of our sleeping bags, ThermaCapture not only boosts warmth without the added weight or bulk of additional fill material, creating a lighter overall bag, but it also lets you warm-up faster – a real plus on a cold night

NeoAir™ Mattresses

Triangular Core Matrix™

Patented technology utilizes two stacked layers of triangular baffles to create a stable surface while minimizing heat loss.

Wave Core™

A single layer of horizontal wave baffles that slows convective heat loss without adding extra bulk.

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Self Inflating

Stratacore™ Foam

Yielding the best warmth-to-weight ratio of any self-inflating mattress, StrataCore uses a continuous layer of thermal foam nestled between alternating ridges of air and foam.

Vertically Die-cut Foams

A cut structure that allows for a lower density foam, which means for a lighter weight and more compact mattress.

Diagonally Die-cut Foams

Providing the same reduced weight as our vertically cut foam, our diagonal cuts also boost warmth by minimizing airflow.

Thermal Foams

Open cell foam structure traps air to deliver a higher R-value foam that provides consitent support and durability.

Pressure Mapping

We use pressure-sensitive measurements to vary the support in our pads to provide intentionally placed support and comfort.

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Closed Cell Mattresses

RidgeRest™ & Z Lite™ Technology

Our unique patterns boost warmth with air-trapping peaks and valleys. Dual-density foam provides a durable and soft sleeping surface. The nesting Z lite pattern maximizes compatibility.

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SynergyLink™ Connectors

These removable straps integrate your mattress and sleeping bag to minimize heat loss and keep you secure through the night.

Zoned Insulation

Intentionally placed insulation puts fill exactly where you need it, maximizing thermal properties while reducing weight.

Responsible Down Standard

All of our down is certified to the Responsible Down Standard so that you can sleep easy knowing that the waterfowl have been treated humanely.

Box Baffled Construction

To maximize thermal efficiency in key areas, we use mesh box baffles to boost loft and eliminate cold spots at the seams of the sleeping bag or quilt.

Toe-asis™ Foot Warmer

A baffled pocket of insulation helps rapidly warm cold feet inside our ergonomic footbox.

Nikwax® Hydrophobic Down

Boasting unrivaled temperature regulation, it dries three times faster, absorbs 90% less water and maintains loft 60 times longer than untreated down.

Eraloft™ Synthetic Insulation

Hollow fibers boost heat capabilities while shedding weight. Compressible synthetic insulation repels water and possess excellent temperature regulation.

Quilt & Blanket Loops

Most of our bags are equipped with quilt and blanket loops, allowing you to securely attach extra insulation to customize your sleep sytem.

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37.5 Insulation

Most insulations trap heat, but they also trap moisture. Innovative 37.5 insulation manages moisture in your microclimate to reduce overheating caused by humidity buildup. Because there is no need to remove layers to cool down or dry off, the result is an entirely new level of comfort throughout the evening and into the morning as humidity levels and temperatures fluctuate.

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BowFrame™ Technology

Our patented BowFrame™ cot design converts lightweight poles, stretch-free fabric and unique cot feet into a tension-spring system that holds the cot together and provides superior, off-the-ground sleeping comfort and support. When used, the cot’s bow poles are designed to flex until the middle of the pole contacts the ground, offering the user greater stability while still maintaining flex for comfort.

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