Gear Stories

A Life Lived on a Therm-a-Rest Pad

My mom and dad are mountain people, to the core. In fact, they met in the mountains (before either had ever slept on a Therm-a-Rest pad), on a trail in Washington state’s Olympic National Park. My dad was an Illinois…



The Mountains We Climb

There have always been mountains in my life. The Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina were the first I laid eyes on in the small mountain town where I was born and raised. A circle of soft forested mountains greeted…

enjoying views while snow camping


Ditch the Hotels and Go Snow Camping This Season

At the end of a long day on the mountain, you might dread the thought of spending a night out in the elements as the temperatures begin to drop. The idea of snow camping might not seem that appealing but…

couple next to tent shelter in sleeping bags


Lighten Up

Ultralight backpacking and camping mean it’s time to lighten up. Whether you’re thru-hiking, alpine climbing or bike camping, we have some of the lightest featherweight camp gear that is among the best in their class.

Polar Expeditions with Eric Larson


Happy Time on Polar Expeditions

On big polar and mountaineering expeditions, getting eight hours of sleep each night is so important that we base our whole travel schedule around it. Arctic explorer, Eric Larson shares travel stories and how he keeps warm on polar expeditions on the Arctic Ocean.