Anyone in a love affair with the great outdoors understands the gravitational-like pull that beckons us to take to the wild places we love. However, the moment that you do hit the trail, it’s not like the pull is satisfied. Rather, the pull comes fully alive, stronger than ever before.

The motivation behind the “pull” is different for everyone. Exploration. Solace. Pursuit. Clarity. Challenge. It’s the rich experiences and self-discovery that we look for in the mountains.

Whatever you seek, you’ll usually find challenges along the way. Sometimes they’re obstacles, keeping us from where we want to go. Other times, it’s an innate part of our experience. A distance to travel. A mountain to climb. A test. For these challenges, it helps to lighten up.

While this does apply to your mindset and psyche, but it’s just as applicable to the weight of your pack. A lighter pack allows you to move faster and push higher, aiding you in the challenges of the backcountry instead of weighing you down. It not only adds to your experience, but a lighter pack gives you the ability to go further, opening up new possibilities to your adventures in the backcountry.

In a sense, lightening up is about getting free.

For 2019, we’re proud to release a line of award-winning gear that features some of the lightest pieces of camp gear in their class. Therm-a-Rest is founded on the principle of a better night under the stars and these products pair that comfort with a lighter day on the trail. Ranging from the lightest sleeping pad ever built to impossibly compressible quilts to award-winning sleeping bags, it’s time to lighten up.

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See you out there!