A single thru-hike is a grueling process. Months on the trail. Exposure and exertion in conditions and elements that often keep weekend warriors thinking twice. There are few reprieves during these treks through the wilderness. Finishing a thru-hike is a significant feat.

So, how about doing two in a year? Not far enough. Well then, how about a calendar-year Triple Crown?

In a calendar year, our pal, Chris Pickering, better known on trail as Tarzan, is attempting to hike the three longest trails in North America: the Pacific Crest Trail, the Continental Divide Trail and the Appalachian Trail. These trails combine for over 8,000 miles of hiking.

If he completes the task, he’ll be the eighth person to complete the feat. Oh, and he’s aiming for to do this in 226 days. A full 27 days faster than current Calendar-Year Triple Crown record holder, Heather “Anish” Anderson.

With a goal of hiking all three trails, Chris’ goals are bigger than hiking. He’s hiking for the planet.

Partnering with 1% For The Planet, Chris is raising funds to help the conservation alliances and stewardship groups that have given him more than he could ever imagine.

As the winner of this year’s Badger Sponsorship, we’ve been supporting Chris’ attempt as he camps with our ultralight UberLite pad and Vesper quilt.

To support Chris’ fundraising and follow along on his record-breaking hike, head to his Patreon or follow along on Instagram.