All camping trips deserve a carefully considered sleep system. However, some trips demand it. Hiking the 450-mile Jordan Trail is one of them. Trekking the length of the country from north to south can take over a month which means that your gear selection, especially your sleeping bag and sleeping pad selection, is essential to your foray into the desert.

The trail runs from the northern Um Qais to the southern Aqaba, tracing the arid landscape and traveling through the over 50 towns and unforgettable locales. Hikers will find themselves amongst the bright and polished stones of the ancient city of Petra and the rugged mountains of the Wadi Rum. The trail is part of the Jordan government’s initiative to create spaces that promote outdoor engagement. Finished in 2015, the trail offers views of the desert that are nothing short from breathtaking.

Spending a month thru-hiking in the high desert means your sleep system will see a myriad of conditions, ranging from freezing desert nights to furious rains and inescapable heat. The rigors of being on the trail for a month demands a restful night, allowing your body to recover and prevent the cold from sapping your energy. Quality nights at camp allows backpackers to wake-up feeling rested, full of energy and ready for the days adventure.

Eric has spent time backpacking all over the world. His adventures have taken him down the length of South America and throughout the backcountry of China. Needless to say, Eric has spent a lot of nights in the backcountry and knows the importance of a quality sleep system.

Check out the videos below as Eric shares his gear choices as he treks and explores the Jordan River Trail. You can also check out the rest of Eric’s Epic Trails series on Outside TV for more adventure inspiration.