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Built in Ireland

Therm-a-Rest About Us

Since our beginning, one of the pillars of the Therm-a-Rest philosophy has been to make what we sell.

Between our company-owned manufacturing facilities in Seattle, USA and Cork, Ireland, the vast majority of our sales world-wide come from products that have been built by Therm-a-Rest employees.

This unique commitment allows us to develop new technologies and prototypes quickly, without waiting for a shipment from some far-off factory. It also allows us to maintain far greater quality control than could ever be achieved when someone else is building your product in another factory. The result is more innovative and longer lasting products that you can rely on.

We operate our European hub of manufacturing in Midleton, Ireland. In 1985, after touring the length and breadth of Ireland, our founder John Burroughs, saw an old, shut-down wool factory that had the space and historical charm he was looking for. That year, the building’s 50,000 square feet was transformed into the new Therm-a-Rest and Cascade Designs Limited European headquarters. Just as in the U.S., this company-owned facility continues to allow us to maintain the utmost quality control and standards for the products we sell into the EU.

The choice to keep as much of our production in-house as possible is an intentional one that we have been passionate about since 1972. When your goal is to provide the most reliable and innovative outdoor comfort products available, there simply is no other way.