Therm-a-Rest is proud to partner with organizations dedicated to protecting access to natural areas, helping people connect with the environment, and sustainably managing recreational use areas to make the outdoors a better place to play.


Full Circle X

In 2022, this group of climbers will make history as the first all Black team to attempt to summit the highest mountain on earth. The Full Circle Everest Team represents a zenith in generational perseverance. This expedition will showcase the tenacity and strength of these climbers, and highlight the barriers that continue to exist for Black communities in accessing the outdoors.

Big City Mountaineers

Big City Mountaineers breaks down barriers to outdoor access for youth from disinvested communities by providing a variety of experiences that are free of charge, fully outfitted, and professionally guided. BCM is dedicated to identifying the variety of barriers facing marginalized communities when it comes to accessing the important benefits of time spent outdoors. By thoughtfully addressing these social, psychological, and material barriers, they create opportunities for youth to uncover their own sources of strength, resilience, confidence, serenity, and joy. They believe deeply in the transformative power of developing a personal connection with nature. Acknowledging the persistent presence of systemic oppression is a critical part of our work done in partnership with community-based youth development agencies, located and operating in each of the regions where BCM runs programs.

The Conservation Alliance

Founded in 1989, the Conservation Alliance funds grassroots environmental organizations and community-based conservation projects to protect threatened wild habitat, preferably where outdoor enthusiasts recreate. Therm-a-Rest is proud to be part of the 190-member alliance.

Outdoors Empowered Network

Outdoors Empowered Network is a national network of community-led, youth-centered outdoor education groups that are dedicated to increasing access and diversity in the outdoors through gear libraries and outdoor leadership training.

Outdoor Industry Association

The Outdoor Industry Association is a membership-driven trade organization for the outdoor industry. In collaboration with members, OIA is a centralized force for the industry in recreation and trade policy, sustainable business innovation and increasing outdoor participation.

Veterans Expeditions

Colorado-based Veterans Expeditions is a veteran-led nonprofit that empowers veterans to overcome challenges associated with military service through outdoor training and leadership. Through leading veterans on mountaineering, ice climbing and snowshoeing expeditions in the U.S., the grassroots organization helps veterans readjust to civilian life, reconnect with fellow soldiers and leverage their skills in a healthy, natural environment.

Our European Partners

European Outdoor Conservation

The European Outdoor Conservation is a not-for profit association made up of over 120 companies operating within the outdoor industry. The EOC supports valuable conservation work by raising funds from within the European Outdoor sector and promoting care and respect for wild places.

European Outdoor Group

The European Outdoor Group is an association that represents the common interests of the European outdoor industry. The EOG closely cooperates with national outdoor associations and undertakes projects for the benefit of the whole outdoor sector, from in-depth market research and industry events, to the promotion of responsible industry practices.