Dream Team Bio

Michael Manuel

Much of Mike’s childhood was spent in the San Francisco Bay Area, in a single-parent home with a high priority on education. In those days, the mountains were not a priority. Upon moving to the Pacific Northwest, things began to shift as Mike accessed that sublime feeling of communing his human self with the natural spaces around him. Hooked, Mike has made those natural spaces a center piece of his life as he splitboards, surfs, climbs and bikes his way through it all. We believe his mother would be proud of his dedication to his passions and the thoughtfulness he brings to each new adventure. For what it’s worth, we’re proud too.

What is your most embarrassing backcountry moment?

Many years ago, as I was learning the intricacies of splitboarding and mountain travel, my friend Cody and I ventured onto Pahto (also known as Mt. Adams, WA) for my first real splitboard mountaineering trip. I learned many lessons that day, most notably was how cold a beautiful alpine sunset gets… I distinctly remember pulling out a light layer as the sun was setting and Cody asking me, “that’s all you got?” It was.