• UltraLite Cot<sup>™</sup>
    UltraLite Cot

    REDESIGNED FOR 2017: The lightest, most packable cot on the market.

    $219.95 - $239.95 Shop Now
  • LuxuryLite<sup>®</sup> Mesh Cot
    LuxuryLite® Mesh Cot

    The ideal solution for off-the-ground sleeping comfort in warmer weather.

    $199.95 - $249.95 Shop Now
  • Cot Tent
    Cot Tent

    Converts any LuxuryLite cot into a freestanding solo shelter.

    $259.95 Shop Now
  • LuxuryLite<sup>®</sup> Cot Bug Shelter
    LuxuryLite® Cot Bug Shelter

    Complete bug protection for any LuxuryLite Cot.

    $149.95 Shop Now
  • LuxuryLite<sup>®</sup> Cot Sun Shield
    LuxuryLite® Cot Sun Shield

    Enjoy a cooling, total sun-blocking shade with your Cot Bug Shelter

    $199.95 Shop Now
  • Cot Coasters
    Cot Coasters

    Added protection for tent floors.

    $14.95 Shop Now
  • LuxuryLite<sup>®</sup> Cot Warmer
    LuxuryLite® Cot Warmer

    Adds three season insulation to any LuxuryLite® Cot with minimal bulk and weight.

    $49.95 Shop Now
  • LuxuryLite<sup>®</sup> Cot Parts Kit
    LuxuryLite® Cot Parts Kit

    Replaces one full LuxuryLite Cot bow and foot assembly.

    $12.95 Shop Now
  • LuxuryLite<sup>®</sup> Cot Pillow Keeper
    LuxuryLite® Cot Pillow Keeper

    Keep your pillow and essential items right where you need them.

    $24.95 Shop Now
  • Cot Tent Rainfly
    Cot Tent Rainfly

    Upgrade your Cot Bug Shelter into an all-weather Cot Tent.

    Pricing unavailable Shop Now