“And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees, just as things grow in fast movies, I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer.”—F. Scott Fitzgerald 

The months of summer can be as magical as fireflies lighting up a night sky. And like wild children with jars in hand, those who love being outside will try to catch that fleeting light before it flickers and disappears behind another season.

Here at Therm-a-Rest, we’re ready to run wild, and we’ve got our chosen gear all picked out so we can capture that magic light. Here are a few of our staff’s picks for summer adventuring.

Angie Tomson—Sr. Graphic Designer

Mira Women’s Sleeping Bag

“Warm enough to cowboy camp, and fall asleep watching for space weather (aka Northern Lights).”

Z Seat

Photo: Alex Mason

“Lightweight, super packable, warm and comfy. From climbing to hiking, backpacking to outdoor concerts, it goes EVERYWHERE with me and is always in my pack.”

Lance Hammer—Email and Campaign Marketing Coordinator

Quadra Chair

Photo, Lance Hammer.Photo, Lance Hammer.

“Not having a comfy chair to sit in around the campfire is the worst! Two of them are in my trunk at all times so that I’m never left having to sit on a cooler or a stump at camp. They fold up small so I don’t even notice they’re in the car until I need ‘em.”

MondoKing 3D

“It’s the ultimate car camping mattress. My best nights of sleep outside have been on this plush mattress.”

Honcho Poncho

Photo, Lance Hammer.Photo, Lance Hammer.

“They’re super versatile. I use it to change in and out of my wetsuit before and after surf sessions. It’s also great for chilling around the campfire when the temps drop and I use it as a blanket to sleep with. It’s really warm so you don’t need anything else for summer camping.”

Chris Parker—Copywriter

Treo Chair

Photo, Julie Schoenfeld.Photo, Julie Schoenfeld.

“When polar explorer Eric Larsen told me that the Treo Chair was his favorite Therm-a-Rest product, I figured I needed to get over my stubborn “I can sit on the ground” mentality and give it a try. You won’t find me camping without one now. They’re light and packable, but what I love most is that they don’t have arms, which makes them the perfect guitar-playing seat for serenading friends by a campfire.”

Robin Fay—Sales Analyst

“For Summertime base camping, I like to bring lots of gear to keep comfortable, but I also like to have gear that packs up smallish so I’m not Clark Grizwalding it.”

Mesh Cot with NeoAir Dream


“The most comfortable deluxe sleep setup. The cot and the NeoAir Dream really pack nice and small for the comfort they offer.”

Justus Hyatt—Content Marketing Manager

Slacker Hammock

“A good hammock is necessary for any camping trip. It’s great for relaxing after a ride, or hang time with friends. A bonus is that the slacker suspenders are super easy to use, so I’m not dealing with fiddling around with straps to get the perfect hang.”

NeoAir All Season

Photo, Megan BaileyPhoto, Megan Bailey

“I’m always concerned about being warm when backpacking, and the All Season does the trick. It also makes a great lounge (watch where you put it on the ground though!) for basking in the sun, or sharing a box of wine.”

Martin Maisonpierre—Communications Director

NeoAir XLite

“I had slept on a Z-Lite for a few weeks on the PCT and was feeling pretty tired and sore in the mornings—especially as a side sleeper. I finally jumped on getting an X-Lite when I hit a town with a gear shop and the mattress changed everything. I slept well, felt awesome in the morning, and had more space in my pack, which I instantly jammed with more food.”