• NeoAir XLite
    NeoAir® XLite®

    The peak of ultralight, three-season camp mattress performance.

  • Women's NeoAir XLite
    Women's NeoAir® XLite®

    The peak of ultralight, three-season camp mattress performance.

  • NeoAir XLite MAX SV
    NeoAir® XLite MAX SV

    Ultralight, packable three-season comfort with fast & easy inflation/deflation.

  • NeoAir XTherm
    NeoAir® XTherm

    More warmth per gram than any other air mattress in the world.

  • NeoAir XTherm MAX SV
    NeoAir® XTherm MAX SV

    New For 2018: This popular, ultralight mattress is built to inflate quickly and keep you warm in the most extreme conditions.

  • EvoLite Plus
    EvoLite Plus

    The same low bulk, high-loft comfort of our EvoLite mattress, PLUS ThermaCapture technology for added warmth.

  • EvoLite

    Self-inflating convenience meets air mattress comfort to create the perfect hybrid in camp mattress technology.

  • ProLite Plus
    ProLite Plus

    New Print All-season self-inflating comfort in a packable and lightweight package.

  • Women's ProLite Plus
    Women's ProLite Plus

    All-season self-inflating comfort now with even less weight and bulk.

  • ProLite

    The lightest and most compact self-inflating mattress available.

  • Women's ProLite
    Women's ProLite

    The lightest, most compact self-inflating mattress available with added warmth for cold sleepers

  • Z Lite Sol & Original Z Lite
    Z Lite Sol & Original Z Lite

    Lightest, most compact closed-cell mattress.

  • Trail King SV
    Trail King SV

    The Fastest Self-Inflating Backpacking Mattress

  • NeoAir All Season SV
    NeoAir® All Season SV

    Exceptionally compact, light and rugged four-season mattress with ultra-fast inflation/deflation.

  • NeoAir Trekker
    NeoAir® Trekker

    Lightweight, go-anywhere mattress for three-season backpacking.

  • NeoAir Voyager
    NeoAir® Voyager

    WaveCore construction and ThermaCapture technology deliver warmth and versatility in a compact, durable mattress.

  • NeoAir Venture
    NeoAir® Venture

    A lightweight, compact mattress insulated for essential backpacking warmth.

  • Trail Pro
    Trail Pro

    The best warmth-to-loft ratio of any self-inflating backpacking mattress.

  • Women's Trail Pro
    Women's Trail Pro

    The best warmth-to-loft ratio of any self-inflating backpacking mattress with added warmth for cold sleepers.

  • Trail Lite
    Trail Lite

    The ideal balance of weight, warmth, comfort and durability.

  • Women's Trail Lite
    Women's Trail Lite

    The ideal balance of weight, warmth, comfort and durability with added warmth for cold sleepers.

  • Trail Scout
    Trail Scout

    Essential, self-inflating warmth and comfort.

  • RidgeRest SOLite
    RidgeRest® SOLite

    The gold standard in lightweight, closed-cell mattresses.

  • RidgeRest Classic
    RidgeRest® Classic

    The original returns, delivering our most basic level of backpacking comfort.

  • NeoAir Camper SV
    NeoAir® Camper SV

    Updated For 2018: Deluxe basecamp mattress with fast & easy inflation/deflation.

  • BaseCamp

    The deluxe, updated version of the classic Therm-a-Rest mattress.

  • RidgeRest Solar
    RidgeRest® Solar

    Our warmest and most comfortable foam mattress.

  • MondoKing 3D
    MondoKing 3D

    The biggest Therm-a-Rest mattress ever.

  • DreamTime

    The ultimate in outdoor sleep comfort.

  • LuxuryMap

    Ultra supportive mattress with pressure mapping technology.

  • NeoAir Camper Duo
    NeoAir® Camper Duo

    New For 2018: Unparalleled camping luxury for two.

  • NeoAir Torrent Pump
    NeoAir® Torrent Pump

    Fast, High-capacity air mattress inflation.

  • NeoAir Mini Pump
    NeoAir® Mini Pump

    Ultralight, compact NeoAir® mattress inflator.

  • NeoAir Pump Sack
    NeoAir® Pump Sack

    Ultralight and versatile mattress inflation.

  • Fast & Light Mattress Stuff Sacks
    Fast & Light® Mattress Stuff Sacks

    Ultralight, water-resistant storage sacks for NeoAir , ProLite and ProLite Plus mattresses.

  • Universal Mattress Stuff Sack
    Universal Mattress Stuff Sack

    Rugged, water-resistant storage sacks for any Trek & Travel or Camp & Comfort Mattress.

  • Instant Field Repair Kit
    Instant Field Repair Kit

    Ultralight kit for instant, self-adhesive repairs in the field.

  • Mattress Straps
    Mattress Straps

    Locking nylon straps for keeping mattresses rolled tight or securing to packs.

  • Universal Couple Kit
    Universal Couple Kit

    Versatile, secure system for coupling two Therm-a-Rest mattresses together.

  • Permanent Home Repair Kit
    Permanent Home Repair Kit

    Our most durable repair option with a 4-hour cure time.

  • Valve Repair Kit
    Valve Repair Kit

    Easy to use repair kit with high-flow mattress valve and adhesive.

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