• Slacker Hammock Warmer
    Slacker Hammock Warmer

    Advanced, ultralight warmth for any hammock.

  • Slacker Hammock Pad
    Slacker Hammock Pad

    A self-inflating mattress that's tailor-made to fit inside your Slacker Hammock.

  • Slacker Snuggler
    Slacker Snuggler

    Stay warm and insulated on chilly nights with this fully adjustable hammock underquilt.

  • Slacker Super Snuggler
    Slacker Super Snuggler

    Double your warmth for cold off-the-ground adventures with this thick hammock underquilt.

  • Down Snuggler
    Down Snuggler

    New for 2018: Our down underquilt makes hammocking even cozier. It's built with reliable Nikwax Hydrophobic Down to let you slack off regardless of the conditions outside.

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