Dream Team Bio

Kristen Nelson

Kristen is stuck in a feedback loop: the more she goes outside, the more she wants to capture it with her camera, and the more she takes photos, the more she wants to point the lens at fresh wild and remote places. Frankly, we can think of worse loops to be stuck in. Her dual-passions were germinated in the pages of old National Geographic magazines, and with the help of her mother’s guidance and inspiration, has pushed into the realms of solo backpacking and backcountry skiing. What’s next for Kristen? Maybe getting into bikepacking, or an exotic outdoor adventure in her native China? Probably both and then some. We have every reason to believe Kristen will ride her loop somewhere incredible.

Tell us about your first trip in the great outdoors? Did you have any mishaps, successes, a-ha moments?

As a kid I took a road trip with my mom and a friend to Great Sand Dunes National Park. We visited the sand dunes on a really windy and chilly day, and I was wearing shorts so the sand felt like a million spikes poking at my skin. My friend and I tried to sled down the dunes but the sled wasn’t waxed, so we didn’t go anywhere. We resorted to laying on our stomachs and “swimming” our way down like turtles.