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Dream Team Bio

Tom Sigler

Determined to overcome a chronic health condition, Tom turned to hiking to see if it would help. It did and he’s never looked back. 2021 saw Tom pull off a solo completion of the Welsh 3000s: 50 km of hiking and 3,900m of elevation gain on the way to summiting the 15 highest peaks in Wales in less than 24 hours. With a schedule chock full of iconic UK hiking destinations in the coming months, Tom is poised to hike higher, further and longer, winter temperatures and chronic health conditions be damned.

Who inspires you, both personally and in the outdoor culture?

Personally, my paternal grandparents who fled Germany in WWII with nothing and thrived here in England. In outdoor culture, Nims Purja for being an incredible mountaineer and Martin Moran for summiting all of the Munro summits in Scotland (277 summits at the time) in a single winter.