The Philosophy Behind Therm-a-Rest® Sleeping Bags:

Sleep Better. Go Farther.

We created sleeping bags because we believe a great night of sleep is one of the most underrated and unexpected experiences in the backcountry. Waking up rested means you’ll do more the next day, and you’ll have more fun doing it. Over the course of time, these differences add up and the effect is noticeable. It means more days in the backcountry, longer days on the trail and more sunrises greeted with a smile. We hope you see it the same way we do.

Sleep Science

For over 40 years Therm-a-Rest® has pursued a single mission: to provide the best night of sleep in the outdoors. Along the way, we’ve spent countless hours field testing, conducting independent trials and studying consumer feedback. As one of the only manufacturers in the U.S. with an in-house cold chamber, we have tested and examined almost every aspect of sleep insulation. Through our decades of research, we learned exactly what makes a great night under the stars.

The System Solution

We see your sleeping bag as part of a larger, integrated system. The key components, your bag and mattress, must work together to provide comfort and warmth. Sliding off your mattress or shifting the loft in your sleeping bag can cause you to lose thirty percent of your total warmth, not to mention hours of sleep. This insight led us to develop innovative new technology that creates a link between your bag and mattress, and provides a dramatically better sleep experience. Our system solution also allows our bags to be among the lightest on the market, making them an ideal choice for anyone in search of warmer, more restful nights and lighter, more productive days in the backcountry.


Sleep Securely

The key to our System Solution is our patent-pending SynergyLink Connectors, which make sure you stay on your pad, and stay warm all night. Two flexible fabric bands create a snug fit around almost any mattress, keeping your bag centered and eliminating problems with sliding, twisting and cold spots. Therm-a-Rest blankets use the included loop kit to achieve the same performance. SynergyLink Connectors are designed to fit any mattress up to 25 inches (63 cm) wide.

Sleep Warmer

Zoned Insulation puts loft where it helps you the most. Fill is concentrated in the top of your sleeping bag, where it traps rising warm air. The bottom of the bag is insulated by your mattress and requires considerably less fill to keep you warm. Our construction is based on thermal mapping and supported by over forty years of sleep research.

Move Freely

Therm-a-Rest sleeping bags are designed with extra room in the torso to allow your shoulders, elbows and hips to move freely. At the head and foot the fit is closer, keeping you warm and decreasing overall weight. More than 70% of people are side sleepers. Our Efficient Comfort design is ideal for side sleepers or anyone who wants more freedom of movement without adding extra weight to their pack. Try a bag and experience the difference.

Carry Less

By reducing what you don’t need, we’ve made our bags among the lightest on the market. Just as important – we’ve achieved this level of performance without sacrifices in space or comfort.

The Therm-a-Rest® Better Sleep Guarantee

We're entirely confident you will sleep better than ever in a Therm-a-Rest sleeping bag. Learn more about our Better Sleep Guarantee.