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Inventory Update

Like many manufacturers, we’re experiencing unavoidable disruptions to our supply chain coupled with increased demand for our best-in-class outdoor gear from folks looking for new socially distanced adventures. Unfortunately, that’s left some of our most popular products out of stock, which we’re genuinely bummed about. We’re doing everything we can to keep production moving, but some supply issues are simply beyond our control. If there’s a particular product that you’re really after, we encourage you to take these approaches:

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At this time we’re unable to share updated timelines for re-stocks on specific products as things are changing quickly and unpredictably. Our customer service team is dealing with a significant backlog of questions, repairs, and warranties that are keeping them busy. As such we encourage you to hold your product availability questions so they can focus on helping others get back outside with their favorite gear!

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Matelas NeoAir® XLite™ pour Femmes

Matelas NeoAir® XLite™ pour Femmes

Une version plus chaude et moins longue de notre matelas ultraléger de légende.
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Si vous recherchez un matelas plus chaud et plus court, voici le NeoAir XLite pour Femmes. Notre technologie Triangular Core Matrix lui assure le meilleur rapport chaleur/poids de tous les matelas gonflables. Cette structure permet d’assurer une excellente stabilité et un grand confort avec une épaisseur de 6,4 cm (2,5 po), grâce à un nombre de soudures par cm inégalé. Le matelas compact possède une valeur R de 5,4, ce qui permet aux utilisatrices de camper dans pratiquement toutes les conditions, sauf les plus extrêmes. Le XLite pour Femmes est doté de notre valve WingLock haute performance qui permet au matelas de se gonfler trois fois plus rapidement grâce à une ouverture plus grande et à un gonflage unidirectionnel. Comme tous les matelas Therm-a-Rest, le NeoAir XLite pour Femmes est fabriqué localement pour assurer la qualité et minimiser l'impact sur l’environnement. Le matelas est livré avec un sac pompe permettant d'économiser votre souffle, un sac de rangement compact et une trousse de réparation sur le terrain.
  • Modèle pour femmes : plus court avec une valeur R plus élevée pour les personnes frileuses.
  • Poids-plume : des tissus haute-technologie et une forme conique assurent confort et chaleur avec un poids plume et un encombrement minimal.
  • Chaleur : la technologie brevetée ThermaCapture™ utilise des couches thermo-réfléchissantes pour piéger la chaleur rayonnante et la structure Triangular Core Matrix™ minimise les pertes de chaleur par convection - le tout sans les problèmes de volume, de poids ou de longévité associés au duvet et aux garnissages synthétiques.
  • Confort : 6,4 cm (2,5 po) d’épaisseur et une structure interne cloisonnée assurent une stabilité et un maintien inégalés.
  • Volume réduit : avec des matériaux ultralégers et compacts, le matelas ne prend pas de place — pas plus gros qu’une bouteille d'eau.
  • Valve WingLock™ : notre valve intuitive et fiable maximise le débit d’air pour un gonflage plus simple et un dégonflage plus rapide. Les ailettes basculent pour économiser votre souffle avec un gonflage anti-retour.
  • Sac-pompe, sac de rangement et trousse de réparation inclus.
Lemon Curry
12 oz
0.34 kg
20 in
51 cm
66 in
168 cm
2.5 in
6.4 cm
2.5 in
6.4 cm
9 in x 4.1 in
23 cm x 10 cm
30D rip HT Nylon
30D rip HT Nylon
Pump sack, stuff sack and repair kit
Nylon, Polyurethane
USA*Built of the Finest U.S. and Global Materials
How should I inflate my self-inflating pad the first time?
For best performance, inflate your self-inflating pad with air by breath or pump and sack and leave the mattress fully inflated for 2-4 hours before your first use.
How do I inflate my self-inflating pad during winter?
In freezing conditions, avoid breath inflating your self-inflating pad. The moisture from your breath can freeze inside the mattress. The mattress may self-inflate slower in cold weather. Use a pump sack or electric pump if the pad needs additional air.
How Does a Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad Work?
Self-inflating sleeping pads rely on the compressible and rebound-able open cell foam cores to self-inflate. The atmospheric pressure around the pad pushes air into the rebounding open cells when the valve is opened. Check out our blog post for more information.
How Long Should it Take for My Pad to Self-Inflate?
Generally, it takes 5-15 minutes for any of our self-inflating pads to inflate on their own. That 10-minute variance range is probably due to one of the following factors: core construction, trained compression, elevation and temperature. We find the most significant factor is trained compression (i.e. if your pad is new and has been factory rolled on the shelf for some time or stored rolled up for a few months). Check out our blog post to find out why.
Why Doesn’t My Self-Inflating Pad Inflate All the Way?
Self-inflation begins when the valve is opened and ends when equilibrium is reached between the atmospheric pressure outside the cells and the air pressure within the cells pushing the other way. In our experience, most users’ comfort level requires more air than the equilibrium level, which is why self-inflating pads don’t inflate “all the way.” Check out our blog post for more information.
How should I store my sleeping pad?
  • Self-Inflating: We recommend storing the mattress unrolled and fully inflated in a dry place with the valve open. This will ensure the foam self-inflates faster when camping. Storage for a prolonged time in a damp space may cause mildew damage which is not covered by our Limited Lifetime Warranty.
  • NeoAir: We recommend leaving the valve open and storing your mattress rolled tight in a stuff sack to protect it from dirt and sharp objects.
What is the best way to clean my sleeping pad?

Regular cleaning will extend the life of your mattress, especially if you sleep in direct contact with its surface.

Do not put your mattress in the washing machine. Cleaning with a hose or in a bathtub is best. Do not forget to close the valve while washing. For general cleaning, a quick scrubbing with Formula 409®, BioClean All-Purpose Cleaner, or other general household cleaner is best.

Watch the video: How to Care for Your Therm-a-Rest® Mattress

For tree sap, spot clean with a cotton rag soaked in rubbing alcohol. This will take some work and sap will likely leave a stain. However, a dusting with talc or baby powder when you are done should eliminate any residual stickiness.

What should I do if I think my sleeping pad is losing air?
If you think that your NeoAir or self-inflating sleeping pad are losing air, it’s possible that you have a puncture in your pad. If you want to repair your pad at home, check out this blog post. If you’d like to send your pad to our Seattle repair shop, head over to our warranty page.
Quel est le degré de chaleur de mon matelas, et une « norme ASTM », qu’est-ce que c’est?
La norme ASTM est une nouvelle norme d’essai qui permet de déterminer la valeur R d’un matelas de camping. Therm-a-Rest a toujours utilisé la « valeur R » pour évaluer nos matelas, mais cette nouvelle norme permet aux campeurs de faire des comparaisons directes avec les matelas de nos concurrents. Rendez-vous sur ce blog pour des explications détaillées.
What is the benefit of stretch knit fabric on my sleeping pad?
For comfort-conscious campers, we use stretch knit fabric for unrivaled support and superior next-to-skin feel. The fabric conforms to your body to provide supple support as you enjoy your nights under the stars.
Can I replace the valve on my Therm-a-Rest mattress?
  • Yes. Classic Valve Replacement Kits can be purchased here.
  • WingLock™ Valve Replacement Kits can be purchased here
  • If you’re having issues with your TwinLock™ Valve, our warranty & repair team is here to help. Please visit for more info.
  • If you’re not sure which valve you have please refer to the graphic below:
  • Valve Type
How do you inflate and deflate sleeping pads with a WingLock™ Valve?
  • Watch this video for step by step instructions on how to use the WingLock™ Valve
  • To Inflate the WingLock™ Valve:
    • Unroll your sleeping pad and open the valve cap by twisting it counter-clockwise.
    • Use a pump sack or breath to inflate your pad. The one-way valve will prevent air from escaping.
    • Continue inflation until the mattress is fully inflated and close the valve by twisting the valve cap clockwise.
  • To Deflate WingLock™ Valve:
    • Open the wings to open the one-way valve.
    • Open the valve cap by twisting counter-clockwise, allowing air to escape
    • Roll the pad toward the valve end, pushing any remaining air from the pad.
Can I replace my old Therm-a-Rest valve with a new WingLock™ Valve or TwinLock™ Valve?
No. WingLock™ or TwinLock™ Valves cannot be installed on products that originally included a Classic Therm-a-Rest Valve. If you’re not sure which valve you have please refer to the graphic below: Valve Type
What makes the WingLock™ Valve different from Classic Therm-a-Rest Valves?
  • Faster Inflation: Larger valve opening and one-way inflation allows three times faster airflow than our classic valve (with a pressurized air supply the Classic Valve flow rate measures to 2.2 standard cubic feet per minute, where the WingLock Valve flow rate measures to 6.5 standard cubic feet per minute, or a 295% difference).
  • One-Way Inflation: Unique design keeps air from escaping during inflation.
  • Deflation “Wings”: When it’s time to break camp, open the valve and twist the wings to deflate your pad twice as fast as our classic valve.
  • Watch this video to learn more
What makes the TwinLock™ Valve different from Classic Therm-a-rest Valves?
For our larger pads, we developed the TwinLock™ Valve which utilizes two one-way valves: a one-way inflation valve and one-way deflation valve that allows for five times faster deflation than our classic valve. Watch this video to learn more.
How do you inflate and deflate sleeping pads with a TwinLock™ Valve?
  • Watch this video for step by step instructions on how to use the TwinLock™ Valve
  • To Inflate TwinLock™ Valve:
    • Unroll your sleeping pad and open the “IN” valve by twisting it counter-clockwise.
    • Use a pump sack or breath to inflate your pad. The one-way “IN” valve will prevent air from escaping.
    • When the mattress is fully inflated and close the valve by twisting the valve cap clockwise.
  • To Deflate TwinLock™ Valve
    • Open the “OUT” valve by twisting counter-clockwise.
    • The one-way “OUT” valve will keep air from flowing back into the pad.
    • Roll the pad toward the valve end, pushing any remaining air from the pad.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Every piece of Therm-a-Rest gear is designed to endure the rigors of your time in the backcountry. We offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty on all products, except electronic devices, which have a 2-year Limited Warranty.

Better Sleep Guarantee

All Therm-a-Rest sleeping bags and quilts are also covered by our Better Sleep Guarantee. When you wake up on a Therm-a-Rest sleeping bag or quilt, we're confident you'll wake up feeling better than ever. If you are not completely satisfied, return it within three months with the original receipt of purchase and we will give you a full refund- no questions asked.

To get your gear repaired, start a warranty claim or to learn more, visit Therm-a-Rest Warranty for more info.

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