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An Update on Inventory

Dream Team Bio

Sarina Pizzala

On her first backpacking trip Sarina packed a full-sized hairbrush. We hope that brush enjoyed that four-day outing, because it has never made it in the pack again. Which is good, because the weight she’s saving means more room for camera equipment. Photography came first for Sarina, but upon moving to Washington six years ago, the state’s mountains yelled, “Look at me!” and her lens couldn’t resist. Before long Sarina found herself mountaineering and bagging routes, with a completion of the Ptarmigan Traverse highlighting her experience thus far. Don’t expect her to settle with just that, but do expect some pristine winter-in-the-mountains photography to highlight Sarina’s adventure.

Where is your favorite place to spend a day?

North Cascades, preferably on a glacier. There is nothing more wild, remote or pristine than these mountains.