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Dream Team Bio

Aishah Muhammad

Not everybody gets to kick off their outdoor experiences in the unparalleled mountains of British Columbia, but Aishah isn’t just anybody. Though she began like many of us, with a series of mishaps and miscalculations, Aishah caught the bug and is taking full advantage of her big BC backyard. With solo backpacking and snowshoe treks in the repertoire, she has her sights set on skis and skins and new wild and vast landscapes at which to aim her camera lens. Aishah knows what we all know, that the backcountry is beckoning and she is poised to indulge as well as anybody.

Where do you really want to go (bucket list) and why?

My bucket list places are the northern most areas of our earth, like Alaska, Yukon, Norway, Finland, Switzerland and Sweden. The landscapes are vast and magical in the winter months and I want to be able to experience time in these polar regions. Hopefully I’ll get to witness the skies light up and dance with the auroras!