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Dream Team Bio

4 Wheel Nomad (Lisa Morris and Jason Spafford)

Lisa and Jason began on two motorcycles with an ambitious multi-continent itinerary in the Americas, and perhaps too much camera equipment. Technically, they were four-wheeled then, but they made it official when they adopted their tricked-out Toyota Hilux. Though they’ll always have a love of the saddle, sitting side-by-side with backrests has been good for them, and opened up many cold-weather opportunities. Jason takes the photos while Lisa writes the words, so you can expect their upcoming overland pursuit from Denmark to the Arctic Circle to draw that incredibly fine line between envy-inducing and inspiring.

What sport do you really want to learn more about and why?

Sand riding on a 650cc motorcycle, which has been a demon of mine for the last four years. More than tolerating it, I’d love to learn to like riding in it because it’s the one type of terrain that still eludes me.