At Therm-a-Rest our opinion is that nobody works harder than us to help you sleep better when you head outdoors.  When you climb into one of our sleeping bags we think you will agree. We know that our line of bags and quilts deserves a spot among the best in the industry. This is why we offer the Better Sleep Guarantee (only available in the US and Canada).

What is The Better Sleep Guarantee?

If you are not satisfied with your Therm-a-Rest sleeping bag or quilt, return it within three months of purchase with a copy of the receipt, and we will refund you. No questions asked. We believe a Therm-a-Rest sleeping bag will be exceed expectations, and we stand by that belief. It doesn’t matter if you bought it through our website, from another website, or your local retailer, the Better Sleep Guarantee stands.

Why Choose Therm-a-Rest?

The objective of a better night’s sleep outdoors is the foundation of Therm-a-Rest. It guides our designs in every aspect; it’s part of our DNA. By inventing the self-inflating sleeping pad, Therm-a-Rest redefined outdoor sleep comfort. Soon after, adventurers began sliding high performance open cell foam pads underneath their trusted sleeping bags.

Those trusted sleeping bags have made cold nights warm, warm nights perfect, and deadly nights survivable. However, a bag without a pad is not thermally efficient, and vice versa for a pad without a bag. It was obvious, if we were to truly pursue providing better nights outdoors, we couldn’t stop at sleeping pads. It was time to get into the sleeping bag game.

Our years of experience focused solely on sleeping outdoors have allowed us to design sleep systems, quite literally, from the ground up. Our deep experience crafting pads meant that we had a unique perspective and strong foundation in crafting what goes on top of the pad.

Part of that perspective is that a bag and pad are equals in the sleep system. That to get the best performance out of your sleeping bag, you need an appropriate sleeping pad under it. A Therm-a-Rest sleeping bag or quilt will enhance any sleep system. However, the SynergyLink™ connectors are engineered to fit a Therm-a-Rest pad and maximize thermal efficiency.

Therm-a-Rest sleeping bags and quilts are made with the same quality that has kept us at the forefront of the sleeping pad market for over 40 years.

What a Better Night’s Sleep Means to Us

If a better night means carrying minimum weight during the day so you can travel further, and faster and find yourself in the most remote camps, then we have lightweight bags for you. (In fact, if this is you, you may want to try out a good backcountry quilt).

If you’re one of those people who just can’t stand to sleep with socks on, don’t worry. We developed a baffled pocket of insulation, called the Toe-asis™ Foot Warmer Pocket. It excels at keeping bare feet warm, and you can find it in several of our models, such as the fully featured Questar.

Wherever you may find yourself, from Arctic expeditions to a summer weekend lived out of your car, Therm-a-Rest has a bag that was thoughtfully crafted to help you sleep better. Send your sleeping bag back to us if you aren’t satisfied with it. We want you sleeping better so you can play better, even if it means you aren’t in a Therm-a-Rest sleeping bag.

Sleeping Bags & Quilt Designed to Last

I used to work in Warranty and Repairs customer service for Therm-a-Rest, and have close friends in that department. I chatted with them and we agreed that very few people return their sleeping bags and quilts. In addition to that, rarely has a customer ever made a dissatisfied inquiry about our bags.

Should you purchase a Therm-a-Rest sleeping bag or quilt you are most likely joining a worldwide network of happy sleepers.

Note: If you are dissatisfied with a Therm-a-Rest sleeping bag or quilt purchased within the last three months, please do not hesitate to visit our customer support portal to log an inquiry. Make sure you have a receipt of your purchase!