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What is R-Value?

Choosing the type of sleeping pad you want, you’ll want to factor in how warm a pad is. You can do this by comparing a pad’s R-value.

fall sleep system

Gear Tips

How to Build a Fall Sleep System

A proper fall sleep system gives you the ability to capitalize on the exquisite shoulder season of autumn—no bugs, no crowds, no sweltering heat. Depending on where you are though, shoulder seasons can be hard to plan for. They are…

Thermarest 1984 sleeping pad

Gear Stories

Memories from a 1984 Sleeping Pad

When we buy gear that is guaranteed for longevity, it’s not only allowing our adventure fund to continue to grow, but it’s healthier for the environment as well. It’s gear we can count on for longevity and strength, designed for gnarly adventures.

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How to Choose a Sleeping Pad

With all the options in today’s market, picking a sleeping pad can be an overwhelming affair. We won’t pick for you, but here is what you need to know to find the pad of your dreams.

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The Emotional Benefits of Sleeping Outside

There are many emotional benefits of sleeping outside. Whether you’ve experienced a traumatic event, grapple with urban suppression, or you want to feel rejuvenated — going camping can do a world of good. Nature’s simplicity combined with any form of physical movement is a powerful recipe for soul-deep restoration.



A Thru-Hiker’s Ode to the Closed Cell Sleeping Pad

In the world of thru-hiking, the lightweight, ultra-reliable and indestructible closed cell camping sleeping pad is hard to beat. We caught up with three thru-hikers that swear by the Therm-a-Rest Z Lite and Z Seat to learn more about their…