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The Emotional Benefits of Sleeping Outside

There are many emotional benefits of sleeping outside. Whether you’ve experienced a traumatic event, grapple with urban suppression, or you want to feel rejuvenated — going camping can do a world of good. Nature’s simplicity combined with any form of physical movement is a powerful recipe for soul-deep restoration.

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A Better Sleep System

After each adventure, we return home with newfound wisdom. Sometimes this takes the form of a new skill or items to add or subtract from our packing list. Sometimes, it’s a realization that changes your outdoor experiences forever. In this…



A Call To Conservation

Every outdoor adventurer intrinsically cares for the outdoor. Most donate money or volunteer for trail days. James Q Martin devotes his talents, resources and the majority of his time to conservation. His award-winning films leave us inspired to adventure and…



Viva La Microadventure

Have you ever wished you could squeeze in a few turns before work? Climb a couple pitches in the afternoon? Wake up and look out your window at rocky peaks and thick pines? For a few, this is a part…



Training Momentum

With every change of season comes the change of activities. Your crampons are replaced by rock shoes. Ski poles give way to your trekking poles. Your puffy is exchanged for a rain shell. The only thing common thread from one…