31 Days of ROCKtober

Highway 120 climbs up from Yosemite Valley to Tuolumne Meadows, shedding temperatures and crowds with each mile, the granite shrinking and taking on gentler angles and faces. A chill wind trails us as we drive the two-lane road through enchanted…

climbing gear


What’s In My Pack: Climbing Gear List

Everyone’s pack has a story to tell: the way it’s been packed, the contents or lack thereof and the way in which it’s carried. Rafters are known for packing a lot of beer, backpackers for their fun gadgets and gismos,…

Summer Dream Team


Therm-a-Rest Dream Team Summer Edition

The Therm-a-Rest Dream Team is a group of fun-loving ambassadors that will be packing some of our favorite pieces of gear on their adventures. They share our draw to the great outdoors and also share our desire for a better night outside.

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A Better Sleep System

After each adventure, we return home with newfound wisdom. Sometimes this takes the form of a new skill or items to add or subtract from our packing list. Sometimes, it’s a realization that changes your outdoor experiences forever. In this…