Video: Ode to fall camping

This time of year, it’s easy to slow down, stay in doors, and generally miss out on time you could otherwise be spending outside. Fewer people, no bugs, crisp mornings and warm days are just some of the reasons to…

packing backpack


How to Pack Your Backpack

The parallels between backpacking and relationships are innumerable, if not completely contrived for the sake of this introduction. For instance, take Paul Simon and me. We’ve never been in a relationship, but he thinks there are 50 ways to leave…



New Product for 2015

Imagine the world’s largest vacuum cleaner convention. Suits, ties, slick salespeople and some schmarmy, red-carpeted, faux-pillared and gold-embossed convention center on the outskirts of Vegas that was last renovated in 1977. Take the exact opposite of all that (except the…