Remember that feeling on the last day of school? Or maybe the night before your birthday? That state of being wrought with anticipation and excitement? Well, get ready for that feeling all over again with our new 2019 product offering featuring the lightest insulated pad ever built, a series of featherweight sleeping bags, hyperlight quilts, bolder blankets and even more comfort in some of our most luxurious mattresses.

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Ultralight sleeping pad | Uberlite sleeping pad |Ultralight camp gear

NeoAir UberLite Mattress
First things first. The UberLite is a breakthrough product that allows ounce-counters to carry a lighter insulated pad than ever before. Weighing a mere 8.8 ounces, the UberLite also packs down smaller than any NeoAir while still boasting a 2.0 R-value.

UberLite mattress with Hyperion sleeping bags

Hyperion Sleeping Bags
Providing high-performance warmth at a minimal weight, the Hyperion sleeping bags are some of the lightest sleeping bags in their class without sacrificing an ounce of performance.

The Hyperion 20F/-6C and Hyperion 32F/0C combine unrivaled packability and featherweight construction with high-quality materials and essential warmth. Using 900-fill Nikwax Hydrophobic Down and box baffled construction, these sleeping bags are backed with our Better Sleep Guarantee (only available in the US and Canada).

Backpacking Quilt | Ultralight Backpacking Quilt | Vesper Backpacking Quilt

Vesper Quilts
For ultralight, no-frills comfort, the Vesper quilts defy the cold and provide better rest while moving through the mountains.

Featuring unrivaled packability and featherweight design, the Vesper 20F/-6C and Vesper 32F/0C provide uncompromising performance for alpinists, thru hikers and other ultralight adventurers. Using 900-fill Nikwax Hydrophobic Down and box baffled construction, these quilts are backed with our Better Sleep Guarantee.


Ultralight Sleeping Bag | Hoodless Sleeping Bag | Ohm Sleeping Bag

Ohm Semi-Rectangular Sleeping Bag
The perfect balance of featherweight construction, roomy semi-rectangular fit and backcountry versatility, the Ohm might be the perfect bag for your next backcountry pursuit.

Built with powerful 900-fill Nikwax Hydrophobic Down and box baffled construction, the Ohm provides three-season insulation while also converting into a quilt during milder weather. The Ohm’s unique zipper also allows for two of the bags to be zipped together for ultralight two-person camping.

Ultralight Camp Pillow | Airhead Lite Pillow | Air Camping Pillow

Air Head Lite
Compared to your sleeping pad and bag, a pillow can sometimes be an afterthought, but savvy campers know how big of an impact it can make.

The all-new Air Head Lite delivers big comfort in a minimal package, compressing small enough to easily fit in your back pocket. Customizable air comfort and soft-touch fabrics will make tossing this pillow in your pack a no-brainer.

Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad | Ultralight Sleeping Pad | Prolite Apex Sleeping Pad

ProLite Apex
Using an innovative foam construction, the Apex brings more warmth and thickness than any ProLite ever without adding weight. Delivering high-performance warmth, the 2-inch mattress boasts a 4.0 R-value for year-round adventurers. The unique shape of our StrataCore construction creates a thick and warm mattress that is lightweight and compressible during backcountry pursuits.

MondoKing Base Camping Mattress | Stellar Blanket | Foam Sleeping Pad | Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad

Mondo King 3D Mattress
If the MondoKing wasn’t already the pinnacle of luxury, we added a cozy stretch knit fabric to ensure that you are camping like royalty. The supple fabric feels great next to skin and the vertical sidewalls make it easy to mate two mattresses for camping couples.

Ramble Down Blanket

Ramble Down Blanket
Bring the comfort of home wherever you roam with the Ramble Down Blanket. This super cozy down blanket is large enough for two campers and is roughly as big as a queen-size comforter. Packed with powerful Nikwax Hydrophobic Down, the blanket repels the morning dew and other moisture to keep you sleeping soundly.

Argo wolf print blanket

Argo Blanket & Honcho Poncho
Two camp comfort favorites get bolder with mountain inspired prints and patterns. The Argo blanket is a go-anywhere, do-anything tech blanket that packs down into the built-in stuff sack. A fan favorite, the Honcho Poncho doubles as a wearable poncho or a cozy camp blanket. The synthetic insulation in the Argo and Honcho Poncho shrugs off water while keeping you warm at camp, even layering with your sleeping bag for added comfort.