Maybe your New Year’s resolution is to finally hike the PCT, or perhaps you’re stoked on car camping in the Southwest desert this spring. No matter where you’re heading, or what adventure you’re planning, we’ve got the gear you need to camp in style and comfort. Check out these highlights from our new 2016 product line:


MondoKing 3D

Photo: Chris Burkard


OK, now that we’ve got that off our chest, we’ll explain: the MondoKing uses vertical sidewalls, which gives you 20% more usable sleep surface, allowing you to slumber like a starfish. The MondoKing also sports dual valves that allow the foam mattress to self inflate faster for your convenience.

BaseCamp™ AF


If you’re looking for a luxurious car-camping mattress, but you’re worried there isn’t enough room in your Subaru for a MondoKing or Dreamtime, then we’ve got you covered with the BaseCamp AF. Though you may already have ideas of what “AF” stands for, it’s actually an abbreviation for our proprietary AirFrame™ Construction. This technology allows us to alternate air channels with foam, therefore creating thick mattresses with the stability of foam, yet minus the weight and bulk. The BaseCamp AF features 2.5 inches of plush comfort, but it packs down small so you can slot it in your stuffed hatchback during your weekend adventures.

Summer Sleeping Bags

We’re unveiling a new series within our sleeping bag line aimed at providing the perfect amount of warmth and comfort for a summer’s eve. But we’re not just stopping there. Both summer bags double as quilts for two. Check it out:

Ventana™ Duo


What’s better than sleeping solo in the woods in a nice warm sleeping bag? Sleeping with someone in the woods in a nice warm quilt made for two. Well, with the new Ventana Duo you can do both! The Ventana is the perfect solo summer camping bag when zipped, but doubles as a snuggling quilt for two when unzipped. Filled with our advanced eraLoft™ Synthetic Insulation, the Ventana will retain loft and warmth even in wet conditions, making it ideal for your summer boating excursions spent with your honey.

Camp Quilts and Tech Blankets

You know the feeling: you’re too hot in your sleeping bag, plus you feel a little claustrophobic, but simply unzipping it doesn’t really do the trick. We’ve all had our style cramped by a sleeping bag, so that’s why we’re committed to developing a better sleep solution. In 2008 we introduced tech blankets, and a year later we launched camp quilts. Now we offer a complete line of both to provide the temperature regulation and freedom of movement you can’t get in a traditional sleeping bag. These camp quilts and tech blankets also give campers the ability to build an adaptable sleep system—just attach the perimeter snap loops included with each blanket or quilt to your tried and true bag, mattress, and sheet for customized comfort.

Corus™ Quilt


Equally adept at minimalist backcountry travel from spring through early fall, or car camping adventures in any season, the Corus HD is our ultralight quilt. Stuffed with our Nikwax® Hydrophobic Down, and lined with ThermaCapture™ seams that trap and utilize radiant heat, the Corus HD is a lightweight (1lb 6oz), 650-fill powerhouse that begs the question: Why don’t you have one already?

Honcho Poncho™

Photo: Hage Photo

Blending fun with technical … sounds great right? Well, we did exactly that with the new Honcho Poncho. This hooded poncho is like a Minotaur—part technical blanket, part hooded poncho. Filled with 37.5 insulation, which traps heat without trapping moisture, the Honcho is water resistant, making it a versatile layer—the perfect companion for cold nights in the woods, or a chilly evening at your favorite music festival.


Quadra™ Chair

Photo: Daniel Silverberg

Our Treo Chairs have been a hit since they launched in 2015, with praise coming from the casual car camper to even extreme adventurers like polar explorer Eric Larsen, who mentioned that the Treo is “easily the best camp chair [he’s] ever used.” Well, now we’re introducing the Quadra, and as the name implies, this chair has four legs and exemplifies sturdy comfort. Weighing just 2lbs 14 oz, the Quadra can accommodate up to 300lbs and packs into its own base just like the Treo. Eat your heart out Eric Larsen!


Slacker™ Hammock Warmer

For all the hammockers out there fighting “cold-butt syndrome,” we’re about to rock your world (pun intended). New for 2016, the Slacker Hammock Warmer has your bum covered. Adding 5 to 10 degrees (Fahrenheit) of warmth while also shielding you from the wind, this is the first hammock warmer of its kind due to the reflective thermal barrier–ThermaCaptureTM. This barrier redirects radiant heat back to you, keeping you warmer without adding bulk.

Thanks for reading and let us know if you have any questions. Visit the site to view more new 2016 products and stay tuned, we’ll have more gear launching soon!