In modern times, it’s become critical for every individual to be socially responsible and environmentally active. We believe that companies need to be just as involved as our community, stewarding our environment and giving back to our community. A major component of this mission is our sustainability report.

From our manufacturing processes to our company’s partners, every decision we make (no matter how small) has consequence. Actively tracking these decisions and setting lofty goals helps us ensure that we’re doing our part to create a better tomorrow.

Sustainable manufacturing with recycled foam

A central component of setting and tracking our goals is transparency. By showing where we are, where we’re going and how we’re getting there, we’re holding ourselves accountable to these goals and allowing our community to see how we are working to be more than just a brand that makes camping gear. This is what makes our sustainability report important.

Being more than a brand is central to our role as a long-time leader in the outdoor industry. Some brands simply make gear. We contribute to the lives and experiences of our community, listen to those around us and act according to a set of values and ideals. This distinction is important to us and guides our leadership’s decision making and goal setting.

Below you can find our sustainability report for 2018. The report is broken down to cover the impact of our products, the effects of our manufacturing and our efforts to leave a positive impact on our community and environment. Inside you’ll find our goals for the future and reports ranging from energy usage and waste to social partners and repair statistics.

We believe that the preservation of wild places and outdoor recreation areas are vital to the health of the planet and our way of life. Enjoy this report and we look forward to sharing this adventure with you for years to come.

View our 2018 Sustainability Report.