It’s pretty easy to get focused on the products and the activities that make up Therm-a-Rest, but, at the end of the day, our true focus is on people and their experiences.

We love pulling up a chair to the campfire and reflecting on the day’s adventure. Listening to our friends talk a weekend epic over Monday morning coffee. Pulling out the guidebook and making plans with our adventure partners. We are built on the stories and experiences of the Therm-a-Rest tribe. 

With all this in mind, we have assembled a group of  quality individuals to share images and stories from life in the backcountry. This quality crew of climbers, skiers, thru-hikers, trail runners, photographers, alpinists and all-around dirt bags compose our 2017 Therm-a-Rest Dream Team!

This edition of Therm-a-Rest Explore will give you a chance to get to know a few of the folks that will be telling the Therm-a-Rest story this year. 

Nathan Hadley Dream Team Ambassador

Nathan Hadley

Tell us about your first trip in the great outdoors?

I think that one of my first trips was to the Red River Gorge in Kentucky when I was 7 or 8. The Red is world-famous for its rock climbing and I was down there with my youth climbing team from Indianapolis, Indiana.

Where is your favorite place to spend the day?

Maybe the Skyhomish Valley here in Washington. The granite trad, sport, and bouldering are really, really good. The area is so beautiful.

What is your most embarrassing backcountry moment?

I got sunburned eyes hiking a portion of the John Muir Trail because I wasn’t into sunglasses. I like them now.

What is your dream adventure destination?

In a lot of ways I’m living the dream right here in Washington. I have an endless list of climbs and trips I want to do in this state or even the nearby mountains of Oregon and B.C. Otherwise, Patagonia?

Why is resting better outside important for you?

The reasons seem obvious! But for me it’s key for being able to move efficiently all day and enjoying the process.

Follow Nathan’s adventures at @brothernathan_

 Jordan Rosen Dream Team Ambassador

Jordan Rosen

Where is your favorite place to spend a day?

Inside a pub somewhere on the North Atlantic, planning the next days or weeks adventure. There’s nothing like planning adventure, while on an adventure.

Who inspires you, both personally and in the outdoor culture?

Chris Burkard pushes me to share things. I often feel selfish. I don’t automatically want to share places I “discover”.

What is your most embarrassing backcountry moment?

Forgetting the tentpoles, then using the body as a bivy sack…. the second time.

What sport do you really want to learn more about and why?

I love cycling. Everytime I’m with a really great cyclist, I learn something.

Why is resting better outside important for you?

Staying late and waking up early. I’m often editing photos in my tent. Being able to find some amount of comfort while doing that is…unique.

Follow Jordan’s adventures at @jordanrosenphotography

Caitlin Beaudin Dream Team Ambassador

Caitlin Beaudin

Tell us about your first trip in the great outdoors?

When I think about my first multi-day hiking trip, I always have to laugh at my inexperience and lack of knowledge on appropriate gear. To begin with, I didn’t own hiking boots so I ended up hiking in old worn out runners, which caused me to slip every few steps. My clothes were moisture-absorbing cotton and I didn’t pack enough layers causing me not to stray too far from the sleeping bag once the sun went down. As for my backpack, it was busting at the seams and weighed more than me.

What is your greatest triumph in the outdoors?

When I trekked to Mount Kala Patthar in the Himalayas. Although it wasn’t the most technical route I’ve hiked it was the highest elevation I’ve reached by foot. Standing on top of the 18,000 ft summit and looking up at Everest was absolutely surreal. I dream about the day I return to Nepal and explore other mountains.

What is your most embarrassing backcountry moment?

Well, I have a few. My boyfriend and I spent the night at an old fire lookout tower on top of Mount Winchester, WA. It was a fantastic day, until I found out there wasn’t an outhouse. I really needed to “talk to a guy about a horse”. Without hesitation, my boyfriend handed me “the” blue plastic bag

What sport do you really want to learn more about and why?

Ski touring! Recently I switched from snowboarding to skiing and last week I purchased a ski touring set up. I can’t wait to explore the backcountry on skis!

Why is resting better outside important for you?

It’s a way that I can disconnect from my busy lifestyle and it’s where I find clarity. When I spend time outdoors, I feel rejuvenated and ready to take on what the week has in store for me.

Follow Caitlin’s adventures at @wild_route_adventure