The backcountry user has a broad and demanding set of needs for their gear. Whether alpine climbing, backpacking or mountaineering, you want lightweight and compact gear that allows you to move freely on the trail. When it’s time to pitch your camp, you want gear that pairs the warmth and protection that is needed with premium comfort. Throughout your entire adventure, you also need your gear to be rugged and reliable throughout the backcountry.

All of these qualities are difficult to achieve in an air sleeping pad. Oftentimes, other manufacturers will use down or synthetic fill to insulate your sleeping pad. However, just like the fill in your sleeping bag, it can be heavy and lose performance over time or if it gets wet.

To provide unparalleled performance, our team of designers and engineers developed our patented Triangular Core Matrix to deliver the most warmth per ounce of any air sleeping pad construction. It also features the most inches of weld for any air pad construction, resulting in unparalleled stability at camp. This technology has been the foundation of many of our best-selling pieces of gear like the award-winning NeoAir XLite.

triangular core matrix animation

The Importance of Triangles

The unique design of the Triangular Core Matrix is achieved by several specialized machines built by some of our team members from the machine shop. It’s pretty special, so we can’t share exactly how we make the pads, but, in case you’re wondering, lasers are involved.

The thing we can share is how the design works and what makes it so significant. Using a very thin material, we stack two layers of triangular baffles. This creates hundreds of individualized cells to retain warmth and protect campers or backpackers from the cold.

Insulation at Camp

If you are still wondering why this is important, check out another post that answers the question: “What is R-value?”.

Thanks to this design, our Triangular Core Matrix delivers very high R-values for many of our lightweight and compact sleeping pads. Our NeoAir XTherm and NeoAir XLite pads boast the best warmth to weight ratios in their class.

blowing up sleeping pad at camp

Bringing Stability To Your Camp

The other feature that sets apart our Triangular Core Matrix is the stability of the horizontal baffles above the complex layers of triangles. This strong structure creates an incredibly stable structure for you to sleep on, even if air is released for customized support.

Why NeoAir Sleeping Pads

The technology that our Triangular Core Matrix provides gives campers and backpackers an ultra-compact and light air sleeping pad that offers the warmth they need without using fragile and bulky materials. For better nights under the stars, check out our NeoAir sleeping pads that feature our Triangular Core Matrix.

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Updated. Originally Published Sept 12, 2019.