There is a wise old saying that holds the secret to finding the “perfect” camping mattress. Want to hear it? Cool, it goes like this:

Finding the perfect camping mattress is understanding that there is no such thing as the perfect camping mattress.

Sure, we know this sounds like a confusing riddle, but let us explain.

The truth is, finding a perfect camping mattress is entirely dependent on how, when and where you plan to camp. In other words, there actually isn’t one mattress that does it all perfectly. But that’s why we have been working for over 40 years to create, design and build camping mattresses for all occasions. We have NeoAirs, Dreamtimes, EvoLites, MondoKings, ProLites, XLites, Z Lites and … yes, more!

OK, we get it. Choosing a mattress from the plethora of our offerings can be a little overwhelming. So that’s why we’ve created this snazzy infographic to help you. We truly believe that if you rest better, you’ll play better, and it all starts with finding the coveted “perfect” mattress … you know, the one that’s perfect for you!

How to choose a camping mattress infographic