Our Honcho Poncho™ and Honcho Poncho™ Down are far from being one-trick ponies. In fact, you could probably even ride a pony in the them and benefit from looking like a future-hip Clint Eastwood starring in some weird spaghetti western. But that’s just one example of something badass you can do in the best-selling, multi-functional, water-resistant, styling and profiling Honcho Poncho.

Here are a few more examples of how the Honcho Poncho is totally clutch for those in-between (and sometimes awkward) moments in the outdoors.

changing in honcho poncho while surfing

1. Changing at a Surf Spot

We understand that your transitions from the car to the ocean (or vice versa) need to be quick, but they don’t have to be cold. Just throw on your trusty, insulated Honcho Poncho and get on with it. The added benefit? We don’t have to get mooned anymore!

Relaxing in warmth and style in the Honcho Poncho

2. Hut Trip Hang Time

Hut trips are awesome… until you’re sitting around in a freezing hut during downtimes. But now we’ve got you covered, literally, with the extra warm Honcho Poncho.

drinking coffee in ponchos

3. Transitioning from Sleeping Bag to Coffee

The moment of truth. That inexorably difficult, heinously uncomfortable period of time when you have to leave the warm cocoon of your sleeping bag and face the chilly new day to make a warm cup of coffee. Well, we’ve got a solution. Since the Honcho Poncho is an insulated blanket you can wear, throw it on first, before you leave the proverbial nest, and instantly reap the benefits of making coffee while still burrowed in a blanket of warmth.

staying cozy in honcho poncho down and sleeping bag

4. An Extra Layer for your Sleeping Bag

If you’re bedding down for a cold one, remember that adding a Honcho Poncho to the mix can beef up your insulation. Throw it on and forget about getting chilled. Plus, you’ll be prepared for that previously mentioned transition in the morning (or when nature calls in the middle of the night!).

comp fire lounging in a honcho poncho

5. For Chillin’ by the Fire

Want to make all your camping mates stare with envy? Show up to the fire-ring with a Honcho Poncho and be all like, “Sup? Wanna party?” For guaranteed jealousy, stuff the super-deep, kangaroo pocket with chocolate and other treats that you periodically whip out to share with the crew.

staying warm between boulders

6. For Downtime at the Crag

Climbing (especially bouldering) is all about finding the perfect temps. And the best conditions for success are usually on the colder side. But how do you stay warm when you’re between burns? You guessed it … Honcho Poncho!

dogs like the honcho poncho too

7. A Blanket for Furry Friends

Don’t hog your Honcho Poncho. Sometimes your adventure companions need some snuggly, blanket love too. Wrap ‘em up and get out the camera—it’s a hoot!

people in hot spring in honcho poncho down ponchos

8. Hot Tubbing/Hot Springs

Stripping down in the middle of winter to jump in a hot tub or hot spring is hard work. Getting out and making a mad dash to your hotel room or your riverside pile of clothes is even harder. Throwing a Honcho Poncho on makes everything easier and, like surfing, gives you instant cover for changing back into dry clothes. Along with a PackTowl®, you’ll look like an absolute pro.

Down or Synthetic?

Choices, choices. With the new Honcho Poncho Down just released, you might be wondering which one is best for you–original or down? The original Honcho Poncho features synthetic eraLoft™ insulation and a 20d polyester shell. It’s the preferred choice for moderate temps and will handle being knocked around in a bit more care-free manner, like laying it out as a blanket, getting wet. It’s also easily washable should you drop that s’more into your lap. the synthetic insulation is durable, will retain some warmth when wet and it will dry reasonably fast.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for extra warmth for colder days and nights, or need to save weight and space, the Honcho Poncho Down is hard to beat. It’s filled with NikWax® Hydrophobic Down so it can shrug off a little moisture and it will dry pretty fast relative to regular down, but it’s best for using is drier  and less abusive situations. You probably won’t want to use this one as a picnic blanket, but it makes a pretty supreme blanket above you at bed time, and does all the other Poncho things amazingly well too.

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Updated: Originally published Dec 19th, 2019