When you’re camping with that special someone, it’s hard to think of a better camp setup than one of our double sleep systems. Afterall, by maximizing your comfort at camp, you maximize the fun on the trail.

Venturing into the backcountry on a solo expedition is a special thing. It provides space for thoughts and reflection. There’s something meditative about the quiet in the space around you. However, the outdoors are equally, if not more, spectacular when shared with someone else.

Camper Duo double sleeping pad

For adventurous duos, Therm-a-Rest offers two great options for double sleeping pads. Our NeoAir® Camper Duo is a truly innovative pad featuring two independent chambers and a gapless connection, while our award-winning MondoKing™ 3D offers versatility with mate-ability.

Whichever you choose, we know that both of you will rest and play better.


NeoAir® Camper™ Duo

Our Camper Duo brings the comfort of your home to the woods. What makes the Camper Duo truly unique is user-experience offered by our gapless connection and dual chamber design.

The mattress uses our stable WaveCore™ construction and a completely gapless connection to provide support throughout the night. Many double mattresses are unable to provide support through the centerfold of the mattress. With the Camper Duo, couples can sleep comfortably in any position throughout the night.

Double sleeping pad camper duo

Since the Camper Duo uses a dual-chambered design, the pad can be customized to each campers preference. It also means that the pad doesn’t react when one camper gets up or returns from a late-night bathroom run.

Finally, the Camper Duo packs down small when it’s time to break camp. A few of us here in Seattle are even bringing it on shorter backpacking trips. When you’re not carrying it in a backpack, the stuff sack saves precious trunk space, which means you can bring the larger beer cooler or some extra toys for your four-legged adventurer without sacrificing comfort.

MondoKing™ 3D

But, what if air pads aren’t your thing? What if you crave the firm-yet-cushy stability of a self-inflating pad? We’ve got a solution for you. In addition to being the (arguably) most comfortable mattress in the Therm-a-Rest family, the MondoKing also has one key advantage to all other double sleeping pads: it can be used solo.

Of course, one person “could” sleep by themselves on a double sleeping pad, but it’d be more space than most people need and a double self-inflating pad takes up more room than a single pad after it is packed down. This makes solo camping on a double pad less than ideal.

The magic of the MondoKing is found the vertical sidewalls. These sidewalls sit flush when paired with our Synergy Coupler and provide one continuous sleeping surface.

Thick mattress pad

Headed out for a romantic weekend? Bring two Mondo Kings for comfort fit for royalty.

Going out for a solo mountain bike ride? Bring one pad and leave room for some extra beers and tubes for your weekend of solitude.

Whatever the adventure, the MondoKing will welcome you back to your camp home with the utmost comfort.

Happy Trails

The most popular reasons for taking the trail as a camping couple are a desire to enjoy the great beauty of nature and spending time together. With that in a mind, a double sleeping pad is the clear choice for your sleep system. Whether you value inflatable, gapless, packable comfort or stable, versatile foam pads, we’ve designed the ideal camping solution to help couples rest and play better.

See you out there!