Usually we use our time here to tell you how, when, and where to get outside. The underlying theme of every piece we publish is “go outside, its great out there!” Unfortunately, given the coronavirus situation, we would be irresponsible to say such things. So, we are changing it up in this piece. Are you ready? “Stay inside and read a book!”

We know that quarantine may keep you free of coronavirus, but you will likely contract a case of cabin fever. One of the best cures for cabin fever is a great adventure book. Someone once told me that reading is the best way to make you smarter and more interesting. Pretty good for just sitting around, right?

Here is a list of our favorite adventure books that will keep you stoked for getting out there when the time comes. If you have already read one or more of these, leave us a comment about what you thought! Also, if you know a book that really ought to be on this list, please let us know!


Our Favorite Adventure Books:

Desert Solitaire

Anyone that has felt deeply connected to a wild place or setting will appreciate Abbey’s narrative about his time in Arches National Park. His work leaves the reader with a deep appreciation for all wild places and challenges your conscience to get involved in preserving and protecting these places.

A Short Walk In The Hindu Kush

For adventurers that moonlight as history buffs, Newby’s adventure retells the story of a first-time mountaineer climbing in Afghanistan. The novel gives a glimpse about what climbing, culture, humor, travel and adventure was like in the 1950’s. What more could you want.

Wind, Sand and Stars

Chock-full of adventure, DeSaint Exupery regales readers with tales of his aviation exploration while serving as a mail carrier and cartographer. From the Andes to the Sahara, even those without any knowledge about flying will find themselves wrapped up in the fear and exhilaration of his endeavors.

Barbarian Days

Anyone who lives their life based around their passion will instantly connect with this story of a surfing life. From learning to surf in Hawaii to a surfing pilgrimage to writing in New York, his love for the pursuit is contagious.

Into Thin Air

Though it has been met with some controversy, Krakauer’s account of his time on Everest is undeniably riveting and ignites a desire for high-altitude pursuits.


Any philosophical adventurer who enjoys the solitude of the wilderness will love Emerson’s essay on the rewards of withdrawal. While it’s not necessarily a book about adventure, the thoughts and ideas that Emerson presents are inherently found on a true adventure.

Leaves of Grass

For the poetry lovers out there, let Uncle Walt’s work remind you of the beauty ruggedness of the mountains, woods and fields. While the themes and messages vary from poem to poem, the surrounding natural world remains a mainstay in nearly a decade’s worth of poetry.

adventure booksDrawn: The Art of Ascent

If you need some extra visuals to go with your reading, check out Jeremy Collin’s climbing adventure as he heads North, South, East and West in his beautifully illustrated book. If you enjoy the book, we definitely recommend checking out the film.