New Year’s resolutions can be a lot like patting your head while rubbing your belly. A lot easier said than done. But with a little commitment, a new year’s resolution can be the perfect opportunity to get what you’ve always wanted, and if you’re anything like us, that’s probably a little more time outside. So here are seven resolutions aimed at getting you outside in 2016. If you have suggestions of your own, feel free to add them in the comments below!

1. Plan Three Adventures

plan adventure

Mark your calendars, book your tickets, take the time off and make it happen! Life is short, so reward yourself with a spring, summer and fall trip to a destination you’ve always wanted to visit. When you look back on 2016, you probably won’t remember the days you woke up in your bed and went to went to work, but you will likely reminisce about waking up in your tent in a wild destination of your dreams.

2. Ride a Bike to Work


Pedaling to and from work is a sure-fire way to claim a little outside time twice a day. No matter what happens between the four walls of your work day, you can count on grabbing a breath of fresh air at the beginning and end of it. And the best part is that you’ll also reduce your waist, I mean waste, I mean, wait … both!

3. Learn a New Sport


Well I guess we’re not actually talking about racquetball or curling here, but in many instances, learning a new sport can be a great reason to get outside. Plus, the benefits of experiencing a new activity as a beginner is beneficial to your over-all well-being. Like the Zen concept of Shoshin explains: “For the beginner, the possibilities are endless, for the expert, there are few.”

4. Plant a Vegetable Garden

plant a garden 2

Planting a garden can be hard work, which is all the more reason to get outside and get after it! Weeding, tilling the soil and watering are just a few of the many steps required to grow a garden, and they all require you to go outside and soak up some sunshine. Added benefit? Great tasting food!

5. Run a Marathon

run a marathon jenny

Planning to run a marathon in 2016 is a great motivator for getting outside. The average finishing time for a road marathon (26.2 miles) is 4:27:27 according to this Runners World post. However, evidence shows that the more training miles a person runs, the faster they finish. So get out there and get after it!

6. Give Back to the Outdoors

give back 3

Getting involved with organizations that build and maintain the facilities you enjoy while playing outside is a great way to give back, while also giving yourself a healthy dose of fresh air. Join the party during the American Hiking Society’s National Trails Day, or volunteer for one of the plethora of events hosted by the Access Fund.

7. Introduce a Friend to the Outdoors

introduce a friend 4

Seeing the smile on a friend’s face the first time they have a life changing experience in the outdoors is priceless. Share the gift and get outside with a friend. We promise it will be worth it!